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Surrounded by pristine hills and a panoramic view of the horizon, Pagoda Misty Hill is nested on top of a hillock in between countless picturesque hill ranges. According to myth, Panchalimedu is said to have been host to Panchali and the Pandavas, main characters of the Indian Epic – the Mahabharata, during their exile.

This hill station offers intriguing places of historical and mythological importance such as the Pandavaguha – which is said to house the footsteps of Bhima, Panchalikulam – the magical pond that has plenty of water throughout the year, and the Valliyamkulam Devi Temple – a temple dedicated to goddess Durga. The idol at this temple is said to be a gift to the people of Panchalimedu from the Pandavas, in gratitude of their hospitality.

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